Barrel Aged Crisp Lager


Introducing our first official Felons Barrel Hall beer release. Starting life as our refreshing Crisp Lager, this alluring beer has been transformed under oak. After two months repose in the ex-whisky barrels that line our hall, this typically light and golden beer has developed in flavour and aroma, becoming something altogether different than its OG namesake.

Expect delicious notes of vanilla, toasted popcorn, and freshly cut hay – the pleasant grassy aroma being the result of exposure to wild yeasts found in our barrels. Besides adding complexity and flavour, this caused the beer to undergo secondary fermentation. The result? A soft, pillowy mouthfeel and a bright clean finish. Supported by the malty refreshment you’d expect from our classic Crisp Lager, these tertiary flavours and aromas come together to create a well-balanced and moreish beer that’s the perfect introductory to the wild world of barrel-aged beer.

Style: Barrel-Aged Helles Lager
ABV: alcohol content 5.8%
Malts: 100% Bavarian Pilsner malt
Hops: Hallertau tradition, Mandarina Bavaria & Huell Melon
Yeast: Bavarian lager yeast
Extras: Refermented in ex-whiskey barrels for 2 months