Cherry Harvest Ale


Pick this one and you’ll find yourself tumbling into a waterfall of cherries. Cherry Harvest Ale has been produced with 500kgs of Australian Cherries. These cherries were pressed and added to ferment with both the skins and pits. The result is a rich, toffee-like aroma supported by bright cherry flavours. A refreshingly tart and delectable beer for summers end.



ABV: 4.7%

IBU: 12

Colour: Ruby Red

Hop Bill: Northern brewer (bittering addition only)

Malt Bill: Bestmalz Red X.

Yeast: French Ale yeast

Fruit Addition: 500kgs of Australian Cherries

Food Pairing: Grilled Broccolini, peas, sugar snap, hazelnuts & lemon.

Cheese Pairing: Well aged mature aged cheddar.