The Weekend Edition: Howard Smith Wharves unveils impressive riverside brewery Felons Brewing Co.

When it comes to Brisbane’s settlement history, the names Phamphlett, Parsons, Finnegan and Thompson don’t carry as much weight as John Oxley, but their story is incredibly significant to Brisbane’s founding nonetheless. These four escaped convicts are credited as the first white settlers to encounter the Brisbane River in the early 1800s, and their inadvertent journey north led to the founding of our city. This unheralded aspect of Brisbane’s genesis formed the conceptual inspiration for Felons Brewing Co. – a centrepiece tenant of the Howard Smith Wharves precinct. Open today, Friday November 23, the impressive waterfront locale is part architectural delight and part bastion of contemporary brewing – a sublimely executed drinking and dining destination that celebrates Brisbane’s natural splendour…

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Written by: James Frostick