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Our Story


Felons Brewing Co. is a modern day brewery that creates and celebrates the good life.

Our brewery finds its name from the true tale of four felons, who, in 1823, on their way to Illawarra from Sydney were blown off course and found themselves lost at sea, ended up shipwrecked up north on Moreton Island. Their thirst for adventure and freedom lives on today in our beer- proudly brewed for the people of Brisbane.

We invite those from all walks of life to visit our brewery down under the iconic Story Bridge, take in long cool sip of the good life and soak up the feeling life doesn’t get much better than this. Cheers!

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Our Process

With over 75+ years of shared brewing experience, we're a bunch of beer lovers with a passion for how good things are made. We believe in brewing climatically responsive, harmoniously-balanced beers that celebrate fresh, simple, and natural ingredients. The result is exceptional quality beers of no fuss.

We're also passionate and playful creatives, using our craft to forge forward, explore new ingredients and discover diverse flavours. We pride ourselves on respecting tradition and embracing the present, while also letting our creative spirit out to play!

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Achieving a zero waste goal is no easy feat, but one we are fiercely dedicated to at our brewery & venues. We're proud to say that every year we divert 95% of all waste from going into landfill, using 17 different waste streams behind the scenes of the brewery.

What would otherwise end up in landfill becomes composted, recycled or repurposed towards various environmental projects. As brewers, one of our biggest natural by-products is spent grain. Each week this grain is donated to our mate Randal from Echo Valley Farm who uses this to nourish the fauna & flora on his land. Closing the loop & helping regenerating local farmland in Southeast Queensland. Cheers to that!



We recognise our responsibility to support those in our local community & contribute to the cultural fabric of our city. Every year we work alongside our community & charity partners to work contribute to a better Brisbane for all.

We're passionate about supporting Brissie's thriving creative scene, as official ongoing partners of creative organisations such as Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) and Brisbane Festival.