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Felons x Spectator Jonze

The creative collaboration of Jonze Juice, the official beer of Brisbane Street Art Festival 2024.

New Release
Felons x Spectator Jonze Brisbane Street Art Festival

Felons x Spectator Jonez 



Back in March, Brisbane's powerful artist Spectator Jonze jumped onto the brew decks and began an exciting new journey with us. 

On a quest to craft the official beer of Brisbane Street Art Festival 2024, we merged our respective talents to make a drinkable work of art that defies the ordinary and celebrates creativity.

Without further ado, we bring you Jonze Juice




Made with Cashmere and HBC586 hops, this hazy pale's a full-blown juice box of tropical fruit flavour, popping with berry and candy throughout.

Wrapped in artwork designed by Spectator Jonze herself, we'd understand if you kept the cool can long past that last sip! It's like holding a mini art mural, really. 

Taking inspiration from its punchy fruit flavours, the profile’s been reimagined by Jonze as a hazy fruitscape of floating flavour dudes, suspended in a psychedelic sunset that’s equally wondrous and a wee bit wacky. Nothing ordinary to see (or taste) here!


Jonesing for a carton of your own?

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