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A modern Australian take on a German beer hall. Felons Barrel Hall masterfully blends punchy flavours and bold sounds, all washed down with the kaleidoscope of refreshing Felons beers.

Barrel Hall

Hall Yeah!

Walk in anytime, without a booking.

Inspired by the rowdy German beer halls of Europe and grounded by the elegance of a masterfully blended experience, we are proud to bring you a contemporary space which celebrates the magic of barrel conditioning beer. Felons Barrel Hall is a sensory experience, a place pulled together by the love of flavour, sound & colour. Enjoy a real treat on the senses.

We welcome everyone to rock in, roll up and drop their shoulders in a cultural hub for the good city of Brisbane.

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Live music & art


Fresh, decadent and rock ‘n roll

Feast your eyes on a kaleidoscope of flavour. Enjoy a zesty and zingy menu which zig zags from south east Asian street food to decadent lobster loaded fries. Unpredictable food shining a light on great Australian producers.

Eat with your hands and enjoy with the ones you love.

Pouring September 2021

Barrel Beers

After 2 years of brewing great beer for the good people of Brisbane we’re excited to embark on a new adventure that redefines beer and the brewery experience.

Come with us on a journey of discovery, as we unearth the magic of barrel conditioning and blending beer. These beers display patient craftsmanship and evoke delicate flavours to savour.